Enter to WinAre you “human”?

Do you like saving money?

And free stuff?

Do you still curl up in the fetal position in the corner of your house sobbing and wiping your tears away with the receipts from your oil bills from this year?

Do you have nightmares that this summer will be as warm as this winter was cold and you’ll need to sell the naming rights to your first born child to afford the air conditioning bill? (Is that a thing?)

Well this post is probably for you.

Because at the end of this post you’ll have a chance to win a Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat for FREE! If you click on that affiliate link it’ll take you to Amazon where you’ll notice that’s over $200 worth of thermostat right there, has tons of positive customer reviews, and almost 200 questions answered.

So don’t go saying I’ve never done anything for you anymore. I gave you a chance. (As long as you’re in the US or Canada… sorry Mexico… I still love you. But them’s the rules.)

I already scored one for free in exchange for a review!

In other news I’d happily review your beach font property, blocks of gold, or luxury cars in exchange for one for free, too.

OK, enough pleasantries. Here are the details:

A little while ago my email must have gotten mixed up with a list of influential bloggers because I got an email on behalf of the fine folks at Honeywell asking if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their “smart” thermostats. In exchange for an honest review, they agreed to send me a FREE Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat.

But that’s not all (insert stunned infomercial audience reaction here)!

That’s right folks! There’s MORE!!!

They also agreed to let me give another one away to a lucky reader for free!

My first thought was “what the eff is a Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat”?

A quick Amazon search revealed that it’s a pretty sweet and fancy thermostat that can pretty much do everything you could ever want from a thermostat except tell you how handsome you are every time you walk by it. (Seriously, Honeywell, the people want it!) Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. Here’s my Amazon affiliate link that will bring you right to the page with all the “deets.”

My second thought was “what’s the catch”?

Naturally, I played it cool (<<< thermostat pun intended) and wrote back like the “influential blogger” I am.) ;)

When a couple of weeks passed after I submitted my information, I thought they finally got around to reading my blog and realizing that I mention farts and poopa lot.

Then it happened. A couple weeks ago I got a sweet little package in the mail: my very own Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. For FREE. And all I need to do is give an honest review!

My first thought upon opening it up is that it’s “pretty pretty.”

Obviously people don’t go around judging other people’s sense of style by their thermostats in most parts of the country. (Do they?) But if you run into folks like that in your neck of the woods, you’ll certainly grade out at the top of the class.

My next thought is “crap, now I have to install this thing.”

(There I go with the poop references again).

See here’s the thing… I’ve been battling a relatively rare disease called “AHATYO Syndrome” since I was two and it makes house projects painful and tough.

If you’ve never heard of AHATYO, there’s only one known cure that takes years of trial and error, and pain and suffering. It’s as embarrassing as it is painful and affects family and often friends. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get the telethon exposure it deserves, which leaves sufferers like me to foot all the costs ourselves. It doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page yet.

So what exactly is AHATYO Syndrome?

AHATYO is more than just “what you need to keep the sun out of your eyes where all the cool kids hang out.” (please tell me you get that…)

AHATYO stands for As Handy As a Two Year Old.

There’s no sugar coating it. I’m pretty badass at “demo,” like most two-year-olds. But I’m useless at “anything that requires a gentle touch, artistic flair, or more than three screws.” I’m also pretty afraid of “heights” and “electricity.” So anything “that requires more than a step stool” or “with a wire” is something I usually leave to the pros (by pros I mean relatives who will work for pizza).

But it turns out this thermostat pretty is easy to install too. They have videos that walk you through it step by step on their website, from taking off your old thermostat to setting up the new one. (And while that didn’t stop me from enlisting my father-in-law to make sure I didn’t screw it up, it’s totally an install I could have done without him.)

So there you have it. And I have it. A pretty thermostat that will apparently do everything I could ever ask of a thermostat but my taxes. Still need a CPA for that. Here’s hoping Honeywell adds TurboTax to the next software update… ;)

From what I understand it should save me a few bucks next winter, too. Not too shabby.

I’ll fill ya in on how it goes on that end, too. When the bills start “a rolling in.”

Now here’s the fun part! Want a chance to score your very own Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat for FREE?

Here’s what you need to do to get in on the action!

First, you need to live in the US or Canada.

Second, you need to sign up for my email list in the form below and confirm that you’re actually you by confirming through the auto-response you’ll get to your email. Don’t worry you will only get posts and an occasional update from me! I hate spam as much as you.

That’ll score you two entries!

And you can earn bonus entries, too, to increase your odds!

How? Once you sign up for the e-mail list you’ll go to a screen that will show you all the ways you can score extra entries by doing things like commenting on this post and telling me how handsome I am, tweeting about this, following me on Twitter, liking my page on Facebook, and promising to give me a side hug if you see me in public before the contest is over.

That’s it! Hope you win! And before you go, here’s a handy dandy page that will let you know if the thermostat is compatible in your house. And, again, here’s my Amazon affiliate link with more details about the thermostat and tons of customer reviews.


From Shavings to Savings

by Nick on April 20, 2014

The following is a guest post.

Do you work with metal or in a metal shop? Does your company use titanium, copper, aluminum, brass, steel, or cast iron? When you look around the floor are chips or turnings staring back at you? What do you do with those scraps? Sweep them into a barrel?

If you answered yes to these questions, then your company might be sweeping away some serious money. And you might be sweeping away a good opportunity to make the work a slightly greener place, too.

How? Because you could be sweeping away scrap metals that you could be recycling for profit. And you could be reducing the burdens on landfills and raw material demand at the same time. Win, win.

So how do you know if it’s worth it for your company? Generally speaking, companies who generate at least 200 pounds of chips or turnings per hour of aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, steel, cast iron, might benefit from scrap metal recycling. (On a side note, you might be surprised with how much scrap metals you might find around your home, like your old cell phone, too…)

And while we have all years of thieves stealing copper from construction projects or companies melting down large chunks of copper or other metals, many companies don’t consider that their scraps of metal could add up to a noticeable windfall. Because chips and turnings add up. So if your company is literally sweeping away untapped profits by never looking into scrap copper recycling, or recycling other metals you have left over, maybe it’s time to put the broom down and look into it today.

Remember, it’s not just about the money. On top of the monetary benefits, scrap metal recycling can reduce the burdens on landfills and demand for raw materials by turning small quantities of old metals into new products.

This post was a guest post. The content of this guest post is the sole responsibility of the sponsor of the post and not SAFTM.

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