Mobile technology gives investors easier access to information and tools needed to manage successful portfolios. If you want to rule the stock market from your mobile device, you’ll need to know how to take advantage of powerful apps that will help you make informed decisions.

The following apps get high ratings from experts and casual users, but there are plenty of others that you can use. Just make sure the ones you choose for your mobile device help you in the following ways.

Get Constant Stock Market Updates


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Investors who crave a steady flow of information can use their mobile phones to track DOW Industrial stock prices throughout the day. Most stock market apps will let you read current stock prices. If you want to constantly monitor prices, though, you should consider using Stock Market Live Wallpaper.

Stock Market Live Wallpaper creates a heat map of important stocks. You can set it to display up to 30 individually chosen stocks, or use the default that displays the top 30 stocks on the DOW Industrial. When you want an update, just slide your finger down the screen.

Stock Market Live Wallpaper can synch to Stock Market Live Premium, but you have to upgrade to the paid version. Doing so gives you even faster price updates and removes the ads.

Stay on Top of the Latest News


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Stock prices are connected to news events that effect various businesses and industries. A single headline in a prominent blog can send shockwaves through the investment world. If you want to rule the stock market, you need to know what’s happening while it’s happening.

TheStreet app combines news coverage with stock rating models and market data analyzed by experts.

The app comes with several free services, including:

  • model portfolios for investing in stocks worth less than $10
  • access to a portfolio managed by Jim Cramer and Stephanie Link
  • action alerts that keep you up-to-date on the latest stock developments
  • updates that tell you when to buy, hold, or sell a stock

A paid subscription gets you access to TheStreet Quant Ratings with upgrade and downgrade alerts, a customizable stock screensaver, and recommendations on more than 4,300 stocks.

USA TODAY and Bloomberg also have Android smartphone apps that will help you stay current with news while watching the stock market fluctuate. All of them have free versions, so give each a test drive to decide which one you like best. Then, you might want to consider upgrading to a paid version.

Track a Stock’s Performance History

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You can’t rule a kingdom if you don’t know its past. The JStock app lets you view charts that detail the last 10 years of a stock’s activity. It also comes with analytic tools that will help you use the charts to make decisions about current and future performance.

Upgrading to the premium version lets you look at foreign portfolios in your local currency. JStock uses the latest exchange rate, so you get an accurate view of a portfolio’s value. The premium version also gives you access to:

  • divided portfolio summary charts
  • unlimited stock alerts
  • unlimited watch lists

Both versions offer a wealth of information that investors need to understand changes in the stock market.

Get More Practice Evaluating, Buying, and Selling Stocks

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A trading mistake in the real world can cost you a lot of money. The stock market will not give you second chances.

Luckily, you can practice evaluating stocks and managing a portfolio with the Stock Market Simulator app. Technically, this is a game. It uses data from actual stock markets, but you shouldn’t use the game to predict how stocks will behave.

You can, however, use a simulator to get more experience evaluating, buying, and selling stocks. Developing these skills is crucial to ruling the market.

Before you can rule the stock market from your mobile device, you need apps that will help you track prices, manage your portfolio, and experiment with different actions. Do you have a favorite app that has helped you earn more money from stocks? Which of the app’s features have helped you become more successful?


Do you spend a good portion of your day behind the wheel, either on your daily commute or just running errands? The cost of fuel can really add up over time, even in a relatively efficient car. You may have thought about purchasing a hybrid vehicle to cut fuel costs and boost efficiency. Yet hybrid vehicles come with a higher price tag. Are they really worth it?

Image Source: Jurvetson/Wikimedia Commons Image Source: Jurvetson/Wikimedia Commons

Upfront Costs of Hybrids

Hybrids and fully electric vehicles have become increasingly mainstreamed over the past decade, but they still require specialist technology and unique parts. At the moment, a hybrid version of a car will cost more than the same model with a conventional petrol or even diesel engine. Tax breaks and rebates can help offset this cost, but overall you can expect to pay more out of your pocket for both new and used hybrids. Just how high this price is will depend on the make and model, so it’s worth comparing prices. Hybrids are now available in a wide range of price points.

Fuel Costs

Although you’ll pay more up front, hybrid vehicles offer much higher levels of fuel efficiency than conventional cars. This equals significant fuel savings over time, which fluctuates depending on the price of fuel. Only a few years ago, it was estimated that a consumer would need to drive their car for upwards of nine years in order to offset the higher cost of a hybrid vehicle. Today, you can expect to break even far sooner as hybrid prices drop and the cost of fuel increases. This is particularly true for drivers who have long daily commutes.

Resale Value and Depreciation

Another factor that makes a hybrid a financially-savvy decision is the car’s ability to hold its value over time. Whether a car has a diesel, hybrid, or petrol engine it will still drop in value as soon as you drive it off the lot. No car is depreciation-proof, but as demand for models like the Prius keeps increasing it ensures that you’re able to recoup a higher percentage of the car’s value when the time comes to trade it in. You can find more info here about global demand for the Prius and the delay on the release of a next-generation model which keeps current values high.

The Bottom Line

There’s a great deal of scepticism out there regarding the value of a hybrid vehicle, and individual models can vary widely in terms of quality and consumption. Hybrids aren’t right for everyone. If you like to trade your car in every couple of years or already rely heavily on public transport, the savings on fuel may not justify the high initial price tag. Yet as the new generation of hybrids becomes increasingly accessible and affordable, this could change. The technology keeps growing and changing, with plug-in hybrids now leading the pack. Heightened demand for green-friendly vehicles will make these models even more affordable in the future, making hybrids a good option for any driver interested in reducing their environmental footprint and saving a bit of money in the meantime.


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