3 Things You Didn't Know About ForexCurrency trading has always intrigued me. I’ve always thought it sounded pretty cool…as long as you’re good at it. Much cooler to say that with food on the table than begging for change… but I digress.

I haven’t looked much into currency trading until recently, sticking almost exclusively with broad funds like index funds these days.

But I still read up on active and other investing options, and was pretty surprised at what a simple google search revealed about the foreign exchange market.

  1. You can pretty much trade any currency against another.

One site, for example, offers over 330 currency pairs you can trade, which means you can pretty much put your money where your mouth is no matter what your currency du jour is. Think the Euro is going to go up compared to the US Dollar? There’s a trade there. What about Australian Dollar v. the New Zealand Dollar? Yep. They got you covered. It’s pretty incredible actually.

  1. You can trade 24 hours a day except weekends.

Landing on the forex wikipedia page was pretty interesting. Yeah, I know… it’s wikipedia… but it’s a great spot to find info and research further. But yeah, you can trade around the clock. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…

  1. 20 years ago you couldn’t participate in currency trading.

Yeah, I spent some time searching these…. It’s a pretty fascinating topic if you ask me. According to one site currency trading was very restricted as recently as the mid 1990s. It’s crazy how much can change since I graduated from high school… either that or I’m just plain old. :)

So there you go: 3 interesting things about forex trading that you might not have known. Have any of you traded in currency? I’ve never done it although I did sell some dollars to my family back in the day for drachma when we visited in the summertime. They wanted the dollars. And I wanted to buy gyros. Win/win.


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Are you paying too much for Life Insurance-If you have a “life” and someone who depends on your ability to earn money then you need life insurance.

Or, if you have “a life” and don’t directly earning money (i.e. a stay-at-home parent), but you take care of things that the other spouse would have trouble doing or affording if you died, then you need life insurance.

For example, my wife stays home with our kids.

Before that decision was made we didn’t have life insurance. If one of us died, the other would continue working and would make enough to live.

We didn’t “need” insurance.

Once we had a kid on the way we knew it was time to get insurance in case one of us died.

If I died, “no mo money” coming in right away because companies generally stop paying dead people…

If my wife died, then I would need help with the kids and house and would have to pay for those services or change my work.

Problem? Yeah… but there’s a pretty cheap solution: Life Insurance.

We asked around. A lot of people had “agents” from companies who sold life insurance. We got a few quotes that seemed pretty high.

Others recommended websites where you can search a bunch of companies like InsureChance.com, which totally fit what I was looking for.

It was simple and I got to compare a bunch of services, quickly seeing how much more or less coverage would cost, or for longer or shorter terms.

And it turns out, searching online also saved us some coin. And over 20 or 30 years that money adds up.

The good thing is that you can always cancel a term policy. So if you no longer need it or can get a better rate you can just cancel once the replacement policy is securely in place.

So not only did we save money and not have to deal with a sales pitch, we didn’t end up with some long-term commitment.


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