4 reasons why I am a complete failure

by Nick on December 16, 2011

Earlier this year, I told the world that I was going to avoid 11 things in 2011, starting with personal e-mail.  I then vowed over the next week to end multitasking, paying interest and paying too much attention.  For the details on those check out the posts.  You may notice that I only listed 4 things that I was going to avoid… well that’s because apparently the fifth thing I was going to avoid was “completing lists.”  That’s right.  I never finalized and published the rest of the list.  (Reason I’m a complete failure number 1, as you’ll see below).

Needless to say, those other 7 things are still on my “to avoid” list, but apparently they are for 2012 now.  So I’ll finish up the list and publish 12 things to avoid … in 2012. 

Without further delay, here are the 4 reasons I’m a complete failure:

  1. Again – I never even finished the list of things I was going to avoid!  What a doofus.  I had them all typed out, just not proofread and edited.  (Yes, believe it or not this slop is proofread and edited before I click “publish.”  I never claimed to be Shakespeare…)
  2. My personal e-mail ban was short lived.  What can I say… it’s tough.
  3. I multitasked like it was going out of style.  I think it’s officially out of style now.
  4. I paid too much attention (at times) on some things.  I’m going to automate stuff where the input/output ratio doesn’t warrant a lot of my attention.  Maybe I’ll post about each one of those and why.  Maybe you can join me in some of them if you agree.  HINT: Investing.  I pay too much attention given the amount of money I have invested to justify the time.  More on that later.

Can you believe it?  I posted 4 things I wanted to avoid and failed at 3 of them!!!  Kudos to me for not paying interest, but I need to do better for 2012.

Stay tuned for my 12 for 2012 list (I’ll definitely be including personal e-mail, multitasking and paying too much attention… also, perhaps, “not finishing lists” will make it…). 

How about you?  Now that we’re 2 weeks away from the end of the year, did you accomplish everything you wanted for 2011?  If not, get on it!  There’s still time (including 5 weekend days… come’ on that’s a lot of time). 

Did you avoid what you wanted to avoid?  It’s a good time to take a little inventory.  I’ll be publishing my successes soon too (yes, there were some of those, wise guy). 

Until next time, put your credit card down and slowly step away from the mall!

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Image: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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