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by Nick on September 3, 2013

The following is a guest post.

Positive psychology recommends that individuals dress to as the kind of person they wish to be seen as along with acting like the person that they want to be. The theory goes that when you act like the person you want to be, you will be seen as that person. When it comes to building your career, you have to walk a fine line between acting like the person you want to be with the career you want to have and proving you are the right person for the job.

Target Your Skills Toward the Job You Want to Get

When you’re trying to get a job interview and send your resume out, you need to make sure that on paper you demonstrate you are the right person for the job. The best way to accomplish this is through tailoring your resume to the job itself. Use language that reflects the skills required. Make sure that you incorporate strong, active words to demonstrate your qualifications.

Show How You Can Contribute Above and Beyond

Most of the time though, your potential employer will know that the job you are applying for is not the one that you want in the company in the long term. Additionally, the business itself is going to want to find individuals whom they can invest in. This means that you need to make sure that you demonstrate that you have skills that go beyond the qualifications and so that you will stand out from the other applicants on the list generated by any HR or online recruiting software.

This is particularly important when you are trying to get your dream career started. Look at the big picture. Consider the qualifications and the skills that it would take for you to reach your dream job in your dream career. Then evaluate what you have done already to establish that particular skill set. Work those descriptors into your resume.

Do Not Include a Career Section

Despite the fact that you are balancing the focus in your resume on both what you want to become in your career and the job you want to get, you should not include a “Future Career” section. You should not include a section about how your skills will specifically relate to higher positions in the company.

The appropriate way to work these in is to include the descriptors throughout the various other subheadings. If, for instance, one of the qualifications needed for higher positions in the business is skill in a foreign language, then you would make sure to mention that under a heading like “Communication Experience.” Make sure to include the number of years you have spoken the language, the skill level, and general experience.

Balancing the resume must be done subtly. You need to make sure that you convince the employer that you are the right person for the job and that you are worth the investment. If during the interview your potential employer asks you what your future career plans are, you can go ahead and state your hopes. However, make sure that you still emphasize your ability to work within the company and fulfill the job for which you are applying.

This was a guest post.

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