Best personal finance book?

by Nick on August 14, 2010

I’m looking for a new personal finance book to read.  I’ve read a bunch, but not in a while.  I usually prefer books with some version of “rich’ or “millionaire” in the title for some reason (sad, I know). 

Below are a few of the books I’ve read and enjoyed.  My next book I’ll do a little SAFTM review.  I read these (and many others) before SAFTM was around, but maybe I’ll revisit them.  Next to the names are what I though of each in three words or less:

Anyone read the ones I mention above?  What did you think?

I’m thinking about the new Thomas Stanley Book: Stop Acting Rich and Start Living Like a Real Millionaire.  Has anyone read it?  What do you think?  Any others you recommend? 

I’m going to choose a book in the next few days and will announce it here with my reasons.  I’ll probably borrow it from the library, so whether it is in stock will be relevant.  I don’t want to wait!

So until next time, put your credit card down and slowly step away from the mall!

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