Forex, Leveraged and Commodities Trading With ETX Capital – An Insight

by Nick on March 26, 2016

Forex, Leveraged and Commodities Trading With ETX Capital - An InsightThe exchange of foreign currency is known as Forex trading. It is a widely popular mode of trading which is based on the constant changes in different currency values. As the world money market at the international level is vulnerable to continuous changes owing to various events happening around the world, the currency rates of various countries gets influenced. For instance, policy change in the Central bank, geopolitical crises, release of macroeconomic figures and rise or fall of national indices may all influence forex trading.

Every day, about $3 to $5 trillion worth of Forex gets traded across the world.

Leveraged trading

  • Leverage is used by Forex trading. In leveraged trading, traders deposit a part of the position price that they intend to take to the currency markets.
  • Traders can earn greater profits especially when the market moves in the desirable direction.
  • However, if the market moves in direction opposite to the position that the trader has taken then the trader stands at the risk to lose the entire stage and more than that.

ETX Capital has definite pairs of currency for traders with maximum leverage of 200:1. This means that traders need to put down only a part of the actual market price. Traders should remember that the leverage setting is subject to changes depending on the market condition and this may also increase the risk of leverage.

Commodities trading

Just like products, commodities are also traded in the same way. In commodities trading, traders buy and sell various commodities with the objective of earning profit by selling them at a price higher than the price at which they bought it or buying the commodities at a lower price than at which they would be sold in the market.

Commodities refer to raw materials. These can be further classified as soft commodities (those that are grown) and hard commodities (those that are extracted from earth).

Commodities can be further categorized as:

  • Metals- This includes metals like gold, silver, copper, etc
  • Energy- This includes oil, natural gas, petroleum, etc
  • Meat and livestock- This includes meat and cattle
  • Agriculture- Foods that are grown such as rice, wheat, beans, sugarcane, etc

Trading commodities with ETX Capital

  • Traders are free to choose the trading format
  • There is a huge range of choices for trading commodities ranging from rice to cocoa to gold and crude oil and much more
  • Trading from ETX is available from three different platforms including ETX TraderPro, ETX Binary and ETX MT4.
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Jesse Wojdylo March 28, 2016 at 11:21 pm

Do you think the metal and oil stocks hit a bottom and will start to go back up? I saw FCX got down to about $3 a share before making its way all the way back to $10 recently. These companies have a ton of inventory, they can’t go bankrupt, can they?

Would you invest in energy, oil or tech?



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