The Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #27

by Nick on March 31, 2012

I interrupt your regularly-scheduled Who let the blogs out?!? Saturday to bring you the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #27.  It hurts to do the 27th edition as a Red Sox fan in NYC, which any Yankee fan can understand.  But hopefully a Red Sox fan rocking #27 of anything will jinx those Yanks and leave them stuck on 27 rings for the foreseeable future…  I guess we’ll have to see about that…

There were so many great posts that I had to narrow them down a bit.  If yours didn’t make the cut feel free to call me a jerk in the comments, but keep on submitting for next week’s host at the Carnival’s home over at My University Finance.


Modest Money chats about Starting A Side Business // Have you ever considered starting a side business to earn some extra money? Read Jeremy’s story of what led him to start his own side business.


Finance Product Reviews presents a Credit Karma Review, How Reliable is Credit Karma? // be informed before you dive on in.

Odysseas presents Occupy Wall Street & Credit Score Reform posted at Wallet Blog saying: In an economy where so much depends on credit score, maybe it’s time for the credit scoring system to be improved. But, is the Occupy Wall Street movement on target with their proposal? Maybe not // what’s your take?

Steve presents 10 Things You Can Do to Get Out of Debt Starting Today posted at Money Infant, adding: Are you always wondering why you can’t get off the debt treadmill and live a satisfying life without constant money worries? 10 things to help get out of debt.

Kari admits that among certain groups of people in the personal finance world, the use of credit cards is like committing a financial sin. I use credit cards for everything, am I sinner? in her post I Use Credit Cards: I’m Bad over at Small Budget Big Dreams.  // What do you think?  You’ll see my take in the comments…

Hank presents Obtaining A Merchant Account For Your Online Store posted at Money Q&A // looking to make a few side bucks during school?


Evan presents Would You Build an Income Stream Based on SPIAs If You Are 30? posted at My Journey to Millions and adding: Despite the fact that I am only 30 I have started giving real thought to purchasing small staggered Single Premium Immediate Annuities as part of my multiple income stream strategy.

In a possibly controversial piece, MMD presents Why I Finally Sold My Apple Stock posted at MyMoneyDesign.

Don presents Buy and Hold: The Path to Wealth posted at MoneySmartGuides // I say it everywhere I can – I’m a “buy and buy more” guy, as you’ll see in the comments.

Ken Faulkenberry presents Fundamental and Technical Analysis: What is the Difference? posted at AAAMP Blog // simple and to the point…

Tushar presents What Does Investing in Kids Really Mean? posted at Start Investing Money // please teach your kids about money!

Peter presents 5 Investing Mistakes that Could Destroy Your Portfolio posted at Bible Money Matters // cuidado mis amigos!

SB presents What is Forex Trading, Can you Profit From It? over at One Cent at a Time with a warning to those thinking about dropping a few bucks into currency trading.

Melissa (a/k/a “honey bee” in Greek) presents Opening a Roth IRA for a Child – Help Your Child Get Ahead in Retirement over at Parenting Family Money // If your kid is earning some money check this out.

Dividend Growth Investor presents Dividend Achievers Additions for 2012 posted at Dividend Growth Investor: Dividend achievers are US companies with at least ten consecutive years of increasing regular dividends.

Lazy Man presents SigFig-The Best Way to Track Your Investments posted at Lazy Man and Money and saying: What is Sigfig? They are like Mint for investments, but built for the serious investor. I know that Mint does investments, but it is very basic. SigFig gives you a lot more data and to analyze your total portfolio.

Novel Investor presents Google Play! Investing in Digital Distribution // from Novel Investor: Google Play is the new competitor in the digital distribution service area. An area that offers some interesting long term investment opportunities.

Dr Dean presents Are You A Scared Twenty Something Investor? posted at The Millionaire Nurse Blog.

Madison presents Unveiling The Retirement Myth: Book Review posted at My Dollar Plan.

Mich presents How To Spot Emotionally Invested Shareholders posted at BeatingTheIndex and saying: It’s very easy for an investor to get emotionally invested in a stock. You can recognize him once he starts exhibiting a number of signs.

Matt presents The Power of Four Little Letters: R-O-T-H (Followed by IRA) posted at Living in Financial Excellence and adding: I love the Roth IRA. Traditional IRA’s are pretty cool too, what with the tax deferred gains and all. But Roth IRAs are really cool. If you already have a Roth IRA, you’re probably waiting for me to tell you something you don’t know. If you don’t have a Roth IRA, you may be wondering what it even is.

Paul presents What Goes Up, Must Come Down over at Make Money Make Cents with a little insight to the current bull market and why it may be smart to be a little cautious.

ChristianPF explains What you need to know about 401k hardship distributions // may I never need to tap into my account before I’m eligible for receiving the retirement benefits…

Youngandthrifty presents What the Baby Boomers can teach us about saving for retirement // We see stories in the news every day about how the Baby Boomer wave is hitting retirement age, and many are finding themselves caught unprepared. But why? The BMO Retirement Institute reports boomers over the age of 55 are not serious about planning for retirement. // pretty interesting stuff.

Investor Junkie presents 2 Ways to Maximize Your Roth IRA Returns, adding:  In my opinion, the two best methods for maximizing your Roth IRA returns are to: Give Yourself Greater Control and Lower Your Investment Costs.

Van Beek presents Is a Roth IRA Conversion for You in 2012? over at Stock Trend Investing, adding: There is a way out of the traditional IRA certain tax trap. By executing a Roth IRA conversion now you can avoid paying higher taxes in the future. The first important step is to determine if you are a good candidate for a Roth IRA conversion.


Grocery Alerts suggests Where to find the cheapest drug dispensing fees in Canada?

Daisy presents Ridiculous Things I Do to Save or Make Money posted at Add Vodka.

Canadian Personal Finance presents Are Financial Advisors and Financial Analysts the Same or Different?, adding that the investment industry has many professional designations, each designed to communicate a level of trust when dealing in financial matters. Many salesmen are something different, often cloaking their pitch in an air of respectability.

Kyle presents How to Save 10 Percent on Your Grocery Bill Without Cutting a Single Coupon posted at The Penny Hoarder, adding: If you’re someone who won’t use coupons or you’re somebody who uses coupons, but wants to save even more, I’ve got an unconventional way to cut the grocery bill.


Glen Craig presents Student Loan Debt Bubble – Is This Our Next Economic Crisis? over at Free from Broke // a mi no me gustan the student loans as it is… Check out Glen’s take.

Christopher presents Smartphone 101: The art of teaching today’s youth, my cell phone can teach me what? over at This That and The MBA // Great article speaking in term’s that today’s youth can understand… I’ve been both the victim of a pretty crazy pocket dial myself…

Ashley presents Saving For College; How to do it and why you shouldn’t feel guilty for not posted at Money Talks Coaching.

Wayne discusses How Much to Save for College over at Young Family Finance, adding: Determining how much to save for college can be difficult. Find out how much you should save.  // it sure is tough to figure out, especially with tuition costs rising controversially… will it slow down?


Jana presents Recovering from a Bad Job Interview over at Fiscal Phoenix (sounds exotic… I like the name) // I’ve tanked a few job interviews in my day… not fun 🙂

Daniel presents Salary vs Commission: Which Do You Prefer? posted at Sweating the Big Stuff // pros and cons for sure, but I like the upside and motivation of commission…

MR presents Can A Side Blogging Business Help You At Your Primary Job posted at Money Reasons.

Steve presents Home Before Dark posted at Brip Blap and saying: Both of the interviewees made cheerful – almost gloatingly so – references to how hard they were working and how much travel they were doing and how they worked weekends and late into the night. It made me a little bit sad and a little bit angry both at myself and at the culture I live in.

Corey presents How To Make A Killing As A Bar Server over at Bar Whiz Blog, adding: Although a tight fitting tank top and a pair of orange short-shorts won’t hurt, showing skin is not the only way to make a killing as a server. Following these “tips,” anyone can make a surprising student income from serving. // Six years behind the bar over here and only once did I rock orange short-shorts… 😉

Jon the Saver presents What Should You Do With Your First Pay Check in College? posted at Free Money Wisdom.

Jason presents 6 Things You Must Discuss Before You Get Married at Work Save Live, adding:  As a financial coach Ive learned that my job involves much more than helping people with their finances. Im often a marriage counselor, psychologist, and a motivator. Before you need the whole marriage counseling aspect, lets try to spearhead a few of the most issues couples face.

John presents Wage Slavery and Money Myths at Married with Debt, debunking a few myths to help point you in the right direction…

Kevin presents My Plan to Not Go Totally Bust in 2012 posted at Invest It Wisely and adding: Some of you are probably wondering how I am going to be generating money, now that I am out on my own! I put a lot of thought into this since before I decided to leave a sinking ship, but the world always changes and plans change, too. Here is where I am currently looking to grow in 2012.

Financial Advice

Teacher Man presents Why Credit Cards Are Dangerous For Students over at My University Money // words of warning from someone who believes students should sign up for credit cards…

Justin presents What Should You Try Before You Take Out a Loan? posted at Budget Snob.

Kay Lynn presents FREE Personal Finance Assistant Tools posted at Bucksome Boomer // I like free…

Barbara Friedberg presents Do Billionaires Need an Emergency Fund? posted at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance adding: Not only are there wealthy folks without savings, there are high income earners plagued with debt and a negative net worth. Without getting into the psychological reasons for this, what does this mean for those of us without a $1,000,000,000.00 net worth?

Little House presents Budgeting and Saving Rules of Thumb posted at Little House in the Valley and saying: I’ve developed creative ways to save something – whether it’s 10% or $200 bucks here and there, I’m able to put even a little bit into different savings accounts. What’s worked for me has been a handful of tricks, that combined, help me save close to 10% of my total income.

Angie Picardo presents ecipe for Success: Hard Work, Commitment, and a Dash of Street Smarts posted at NerdWallet.

Tim presents The Hunger Games: A Lesson in Game Theory over at Faith and Finance // The blockbuster film Hunger Games and a concept in economics are closely related. Read how the movie illustrates one of the most fascinating theories in economics: Game Theory.  (I need to get to the movies to learn a bit more about money, I guess…) 🙂

Roger the Amateur Financier presents It’s Tax Time, Yet Again! posted at The Amateur Financier.

John presents A Five Step Process for Making Money by Selling Online posted at Passive Family Income and saying: If you’d like to give scouting items at estate sales or thrift stores a try, here is a five step process for selling online that will walk you through it.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job presents Who Gambles in Canada? Gambling Stats By Income! adding : Some advice for recent grads: keep your gambling expenses as close to zero as possible, and your investments as high as you can. For our Canadian pals? Here’s some numbers on gambling in the frozen north! // Zero’s possible…

Echo presents a review of How Not To Move Back In With Your Parents over at Boomer & Echo // sounds like a good read for college students…

Jeffrey presents Slow Down, Save Money at Saving Advice, adding: We multitask at our desks because we have to get everything done. We’re all under pressure to move faster and do more. The funny thing is that all this rushing around is likely making things worse and costing us more money. Here are some examples.


Philip Taylor presents  7 Ways to Kick Start the Saving Habit at PT Money Personal Finance // a few ideas ideas to help kick start a savings account.

Amanda L Grossman presents Consumers are Sale-Desensitized, and for Good Reason posted at Frugal Confessions.

The Frugal Toad asks, via infographic, So Why Aren’t You Saving Money? and adding, if you are just starting out on your own it is a perfect time to start saving money. The American Institute of CPAs and the Ad Council created this Infographic as part of the national public service campaign, Feed the Pig, which was created to encourage 25-34 year olds to make saving money a part of their daily lives.


Jefferson brainstorms 7 Ways to Pass the Time at Your Kid’s Soccer Practice over at See Debt Run // I’m a few years away from my kids’ soccer practices… can I use any of these in work meetings?

Yes, I Am Cheap presents Nine Tax Deductions That Prostitutes Can Claim // or as I like to call it “Nine tax deductions that I really hope none of you college kids ever take, so get your lazy butt in the library junior!”  🙂

Family Money Values presents Real Estate Business Opportunities in case you’ve ever wished for a way to dip your toes into the real estate arena without totaling committing your body and soul to it.

Aloysa presents Healthcare: Two Sides of One Story at My Broken Coin // a very interesting take of benefits she observed on a recent trip home to Lithuania.

Jeffrey presents Can We Stop Gushing Over Our Self-Affirming Financial Bullshit? over at Money Spruce. adding: Did the title make you uncomfortable or defensive? Good, it’s probably not new news to you that everything likes to read things that simply back up what they already think and do. Finances are no different. We like to have all the answers, and we like to be on the right track. Sure, there are little tweaks here and there but not too much to rock the boat.

KT presents Quick Meals for Week Nights over at Personal Finance Journey, adding: Many people are so busy, they don’t have time to meal plan. When they leave work at 5 p.m., they start thinking about dinner and either go through the drive thru out of desperation or stop by the grocery store haphazardly putting food in their cart because they are hungry and don’t have a plan.

YFS presents 30 Tips For First Time Home Buyers over at Your Finances Simplified, adding: Buying a home for the first time can be an exciting experience, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you dont do your due diligence first. Before you even begin the house hunting process its essential to stock up on some words …

krantcents presents The 3 K’s of Success posted at KrantCents, the eleventh in a series of articles to help you reach your goals.

Kevin presents Would You Destroy An Entire Industry? posted at Thousandaire, asking: If you invented something that would benefit consumers immensely but would destroy an entire industry at the same time, would you release your product?

A Blinkin questions Should Homeownership Still Be The American Dream? posted at Funancials.

Luke presents A 14.34 Percent YTM Opportunity in James River Coal Company Bonds posted at Learn Bonds // I like beer…

Jester presents Three Tips to Increase Efficiency posted at The Ultimate Juggle.

Suba presents Our House On The Market: Month One posted at Broke Professionals.

Corey presents 7 Smart Tips For Teaching Your Kids About Money posted at Steadfast Finances.

LaTisha presents How to Save in Your New Home posted at Financial Success for Young Adults.

Beating Broke presents How High Is Inflation? posted at Beating Broke.

Crystal presents Yes, I am a Hunger Games Fan posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.

FG presents Why Are the Students in Quebec Protesting? posted at Financial God.

Shaun presents What to Do If You are in a Car Accident posted at Smart Family Finance // good to know…

SFB presents Sorry, Dave Ramsey: I Still Use Credit Cards posted at Simple Finance Blog // oh, oh…

Jeremy Waller presents Infographic: How Much Do People Spend On Coffee, Lunch and Gas for Work? posted at Personal Finance Whiz // pretty infographic, ugly spending, haha…

Sean Bryant presents $4.00 Gas Prices Will Bring New Recession posted at One Smart Dollar.

Eddie presents How Do We Measure Success? posted at Finance Fox // how do you measure it?

Wow!  Those were a lot of posts and I narrowed it down quite a bit!  I hope you enjoy the reading!

Until next time, put your credit card down and slowly step away from the mall!

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