Finances: how to up your game

by Nick on June 4, 2015

Finances- how to up your gameFinances are about as enjoyable to consider as enemas or Simon Cowell. But (much like Cowell himself) they’re one of those unfortunate factors in life that can’t be ignored.

It would be fantastic to don a monocle and top hat, pop a cigar in your mouth and race around in a BMW every day. But if you’re dreadful with finances, you’re more likely to be living exclusively on baked beans until pay day.

You need some common sense advice – and maybe even some pointers on how you can make extra cash. Here are just a few.

Business by degrees

Have you strutted out of university, flashed your bum at your tutor’s door and thought you’ve waved good riddance to education forever? Then you’re a tad unlucky – because the world of business expects someone who’s always willing to learn something new.

To really pique a wealthy employer’s interest, study online business degrees while you’re working.

A distance learning degree can be gained while you’re on the job – and you’ll still receive a bona fide qualification at the end of your studies.

And what rewards will you reap from the sweat of your brow? A bolstered set of qualifications, an increase in interest from employers and a new set of skills to play with. Who ever said learning couldn’t be fun?

In the ISA game

You’ve got a current account but you’re swimming in debt. All that cash you earn seems to slip through your fingers like sand. And when you’re scrambling around for cash, that shrapnel down the back of the sofa just isn’t going to cut it.

Savings are everyone’s best friend – and they could save you from a lot of trouble.

Set up an ISA that will lock a certain amount of money away from you for a few years, allowing it to accumulate with a set amount of interest.

When you’re finally allowed that cash, it will have grown from an impoverished caterpillar into a highly profitable butterfly.

There are plenty of other savings options for you to try. So sit down with your bank manager and see what works for you.

The network game

When Marvin Gaye sang about hearing it on the grapevine, we like to imagine he was discussing ace financial tips. Because there are few better ways to pick up brilliant financial strategies than through the advice of others.

Head to various networking events with business professionals and find out how they manage to keep a hold on financial matters.

These guys’ whisperings in your ear could be the difference between profits and poverty.

Written by Kevin Fullerton

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