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by Nick on September 4, 2014

Creating a comfortable home life for yourself and any dependents is one of the most important priorities there is. Whether you are renting a home privately, it is from a rental company, independent landlord or perhaps a relative, there are ways to ensure a hassle-free relationship. This makes enjoying many happy years in your home nice and easy. Paying on time is the number one way to keep your landlord happy and has plenty of advice on this. If you are using universal credit towards your rent click here to find out more information on how to manage your finances.

Be thorough

Of course you want to jump at the chance to live in your ideal location, at an affordable price and on acceptable terms. Just remember that a happy tenant and landlord relationship is built on nitty-gritty details. As The Telegraph recently reported landlords should be equally concerned with making tenants happy.  Spend a little time poking around in every room and pointing out any damaged fixtures at this early stage. Landlords are better placed to handle any problems right at the beginning of the term and often find it easier to make any necessary repairs before you move into the property.


Looking for your home is an involved and often exciting process. Focus on doing the groundwork thoroughly before signing a new deal and ask as many questions of your potential new landlord as you need. Putting your mind to rest on a range of practicalities is a positive idea for you and for the landlord. Asking questions such as: who should you contact in case of an emergency, the reasons previous tenants moved on and the age of the property could uncover issues and open up a clear line of communication with your landlord for the future. Talking things through at an early stage not only helps build your confidence in the property, but encourages the landlord to respect you as an individual now and in the future.

Basic DIY

Stay in touch with your landlord on the subject of small repairs. If they are happy for you to carry out a small paint job or maintain an outdoor area with fresh gravel you could save yourself frustrating delays and keep your landlord happy to boot. Always double-check before undertaking any work in the home and read your tenancy agreement, as many adjustments are forbidden. Keep a clean and tidy home by mowing the lawn, fixing broken bulbs and if you have pets, stay on top of flea control.

Part company on a positive note

Relocating to a new home is always an upheaval but remember to smooth the way for your landlord too. Being proactive about cleaning the house fully in terms with your contract could help get your security deposit back more quickly. Ask if walls need to be repainted back to neutral shades and if there are any features of the home for you to focus on specifically when deep-cleaning. Confirm your intent to move out of your property clearly and in writing, ensuring all bills are paid and up to date. Your landlord will want to turn around the property for new residents as swiftly as possible, so do everything reasonable to help this along for them.

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Poor Student September 6, 2014 at 1:52 am

Great tips — sometimes we forget that the landlord is also a human, even when they represent an agency. Clear communication is definitely a must in landlord-tenant relationship so that everyone is happy and be on good terms with each other.


Elstad September 6, 2014 at 2:41 pm

A healthy tenant-landlord relationship is precious (if you can hack it), and you do provide acionable tips to that front. Over time, being a responsible tenant goes a long way in smoothing the way with the landlord and even lead to relaxed rules and maybe even discounts!


Hayley @ Debt Therapy Scotland September 11, 2014 at 6:18 am

Keeping the landlord happy is really important and I definitely agree with that – especially paying on time. I rent from a private landlord but I’m also a landlady myself so from the other side of things, I find it important to keep my tenants happy. I don’t want to have to look for tenants all that often so if there’s ever a problem with my rental property, I get it fixed as soon as I hear of any complaints. A good tenant is well worth keeping happy too.


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